Teaching reading comprehension thesis

Print overhead master ] a structured pause Comparison-contrast
Students can compare different ideas, concepts, people, events, etc. Print map v. 6 Print story map

Questioning the author
Print chart ] a variation of column notes and learning guides, inquiry charts are used specifically to generate questions whose answers will come from combing through a variety of sources K - W - L [ instructions Excellent for pre-writing Think-Pair-Share [ instructions ] a cooperative and structured discussion strategy Three-Minute Pause [ instructions Venn Diagram w/Summary Print history frame Print chart ] a two-column chart that is especially helpful for looking at cause and effect A comprehension check 8 - 7 - 6 [ instructions Against a cross-referenced set of criteria Story Maps same as history frames K - W - L
Print pro/con chart ] a variation of two-column charts where students use key ideas in their content to support a thesis QARs
Pattern puzzles
Graphic organizers
8-minute pause
Venn Diagram for 8 Print chart Place of events, problem or goal, key events, outcome, and larger relevance Inquiry Chart [ instructions Venn Diagram for 7 Print chart ] a two-column chart where students seek to provide support or evidence from the content to bolster an opinion they have put forward Power Thinking [ instructions ] an alternative system of outlining, power thinking involves assigning Power Venn diagrams
Contains components for before, during, and after reading activity Opinion-Proof [ instructions Problem-solution
Semantic Feature Analysis [ instructions ] an attribute analysis tool Print character/plot chart Included are suggestions for various ways to teach summarizing, including an activity called Sum It Up Thesis-Proof [ instructions You can download and print the document as it was originally intended, but you'll need a reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Underlining
Semantic feature analysis
Print modified K-W-L chart ] a three-column chart for approaching new content and actively engaging in it Often called concept maps, webs, clusters, or pictorial organizers History Frames/Story Maps [ instructions

Print Sum It Up directions A means for students to read for key ideas, essential vocabulary, cause and effect, etc. Clock buddies
Print chart ] a quick partnering system Column Notes [ instructions ] a learning guide arranged in columns Comparison-Contrast Charts [ instructions Venn Variations ] the most common charts for looking at similarities and differences Word Map [ instructions Power thinking

CD map
Print story pyramid If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download a free version from Adobe Software. History frames
See above Summarizing [ instructions Print K-W-L chart Carousel
RAFT papers
Some strategies are accompanied by handouts or blackline masters that have been saved as a. pdf [portable document format] file. Print map v. 7 ] a vocabulary strategy for visually mapping associations of meaning for a new term Word maps
PLEASE NOTE: Instructions = directions and explanation of the strategy print = download and view or print document with a document reader softwareCarousel Brainstorming [ instructions ] brainstorm similar to graffiti strategy Clock Buddies [ instructions ABC brainstorm
Print chart ] often found in graphic organizer form, a chart for comparing two concepts by looking at the ways they are similar and how they are different Concept of Definition Map [ instructions Print 8-7-6 master ] good quick strategy for summarizing and questioning Venn Diagrams [ instructions Column notes
Story maps
8 - 7 - 6
Levels to information according to whether it is a main idea, subtopic, or detail Problem-Solution Chart [ instructions Students take on roles as Summarizer, Questioner, Clarifier, or Predictor Selective Underlining/Highlighting [ instructions ] emphasis on the word selective Print Sum It Up sheet Inquiry chart
Lesson closure framed paragraph ] a strategy for developing coherent but brief expressions of larger ideas by focusing on key words and main ideas Teaching reading comprehension thesis.