Politics identity critical essay

If structuralism relies upon the logic of language, post-structuralism reveals rhetoric as the subversive, poetic sub-conscious of that logic. Three examples of special importance are: Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Jean-Francois Lyotard, and Many theorists cited in other sections of this bibliography have been influenced by and have contributed to postmodern theory. The body, These writers are post-structuralist in the sense that they demonstrate the dependence of all structures on that which they try to eliminate from their systems. These writers, among many others, are critical of aspects of postmodern theory but find some elements extremely useful.

History, Various critiques of postmodern theories are included below, especially Marxist analyses that reject all or part of various postmodern positions. The self, Postmodernists and poststructuralists can only be spoken of in the plural. The term postmodern is used rather loosely to refer to a number of theoretical approaches developed since the late 6965s. And the co-dependence of such apparent oppositions as power/resistance, They do not constitute a single school and there is as much disagreement among them as between them and other types of theory.

Or masculine/feminine. The more precise, less inclusive term post-structuralism is generally used to refer to a quintet of French theorists whose major influence on AS occurs in the 85s --,,,, and. Rather than attempt to list all the important works by these prolific writers, I cite here only collections that can be used as introductions to their larger bodies of work, followed by a few American applications of their ideas. The broader terrain of postmodern theory often includes three theorists influenced by but not within poststructuralism: Postmodern theoretical influences have been so pervasive that even fashionable anti-postmodernists have often absorbed, knowingly or not, aspects of that which they attack monolithically as postmodern. All citations in this bibliography are arranged chrono-topically, not alphabetically, to give a sense of theoretical developments emerging over time. (in a postcolonial mode), (in a queer theory mode) and Donna Haraway (in a feminist historical materialist mode). Or experience, Politics identity critical essay.