Personal essays for scholarship applications

Some key points to keep in mind are: The Follow-on Service Project Proposal is your chance to explain how you will give back by inspiring others to pursue their own experiences abroad. When you are ready to transfer your essays to your application make sure to double check your essays for the possibility of being cut off due to exceeding character limit. This limit is approximately 6. 5 pages, single-spaced in a word processing program. Please compose your essays first in a word processing program. We have provided limited formatting to reconstruct your essays once you have pasted them into the text boxes in the online application. Visit our page that has informational videos, including a Composing Competitive Essays video, that will help you throughout the application process. Then copy and paste your essays into the text boxes provided in the online application.

There are two essays required as part of the Benjamin A. This will allow you to save your essays and ensure that your information is not lost due to a session timeout ( approximately 65 minutes of inactivity ). All applicants must submit a project proposal within the online application and this proposal is closely reviewed during the selection process. Additionally, do not format ( i. e. Please see our for additional information on your Follow-on Service Project Proposal.

This project can be done on your home campus or in your local community and must be completed within six months of your return to the United States. The Statement of Purpose Essay and the Follow-on Service Project Proposal. Some key points to keep in mind are: a) Conducting presentations on their country of study to local classrooms.

b) Working with a local teacher to connect with a U. S. Your essay should be composed in paragraph format ( not as numbered responses to the questions ). Keep in mind that you are limited to 7,555 characters ( including spaces ) per essay. Bold, underline, italics
) your essays in the word processing program because your formatting will not be retained upon transferring. Personal essays for scholarship applications.