Our elders our responsibility essay

Put development, human rights, the rule of law, good governance and peace at the top of the United Nations agenda. The ‘gentle revolutionary’ To accept the and when visiting this site. Alaa Murabit highlights the link between the empowerment of women and girls and their ability to access education and health care, in this blog for International Women's Day. Ernesto Zedillo highlights the importance of dialogue in a world of uncertainty and insecurity. We work to build a stronger, fairer and more transparent UN system. Climate change disproportionately hits the world’s most vulnerable people. Proverbs 69: 75 6 Corinthians 5

Put sustainable development on the international agenda. Former President of Brazil They are joined by HRH Prince Turki (Saudi Arabia) and HE Sheikh Hamad (Qatar) in a panel debate at the. Lakhdar Brahimi calls on leaders to approach the debate on refugees and migration with care and responsibility. 7 Thessalonians 8: 69-65 Former freedom fighter and first Education Minister of Mozambique. First woman President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Gro Harlem Brundtland and Mary Robinson express their concern at the reintroduction of the “Global Gag Rule” by the new US Administration. Lakhdar Brahimi calls for care and responsibility in responding to refugees and migration. The Elders express concern at the decision by the new US Administration to ban refugees and migrants from seven Muslim countries and call for global protection of vulnerable. To mark International Women’s Day 7567, we highlight five perspectives on how to achieve gender equality, including on maintaining the momentum in challenging times and the importance of engaging men and boys. From neutralising conflict and controlling the spread of nuclear weapons to empowering the climate vulnerable and equitably responding to mass movements of people, Ernesto Zedillo reflects on the importance of dialogue to reach common ground. Lakhdar Brahimi and Ernesto Zedillo consider the merits and consequences for regional and global security of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. The UN needs fundamental changes to remain relevant in the 76st century. Tenacious fighter for democracy and human rights And reduced economic inequality while diversifying Chile’s external trade in the era of globalisation. International advocate for women’s and children's rights Implemented health reform Equality between men and women means healthier, safer and just societies. Alaa Murabit, UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth, Michael J. A medical doctor who champions health as a human right Galatians 6: 6-9 Proverbs 79: 6 ). Titus 8: 65 All elders are equal in authority but not necessarily equal in influence. The elders An acclaimed sociologist and global advocate for drug policy reform. Former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Laureate and veteran peace negotiator We believe this is a goal all countries can reach. We support efforts to build a stable, prosperous and secure future for the people of Zimbabwe. Child marriage affects millions of girls worldwide.

A leader who dedicated his life to the anti-apartheid struggle, democracy and equality A leading activist in Pakistan's women's movement and international champion of human rights. Former President of Chile An expert in peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction. First woman Prime Minister of Norway and Deputy Chair of The Elders We support and encourage parties from all sides who put aside divisive rhetoric to work for a lasting resolution to the conflict. As Myanmar continues on its road to democracy, we support the work of Kofi Annan as chair of the independent Commission on Rakhine State. Mass movement of people is one of the most significant challenges the world faces today. Titus 6: 5 A veteran anti-apartheid activist and peace campaigner widely regarded as ‘South Africa’s moral conscience’. Former President of Mexico who led profound democratic and social reforms Proverbs 65: 77 All elders are equal in authority but not necessarily equal in influence. Ensuring that the doctrine of the church is biblical Proverbs 67: 65 6 Timothy 5: 67-75 Founder of The Elders. Former President of Finland Dedicated to advancing peace, democracy and health worldwide. Pioneering lawyer and pro-democracy campaigner Smith and Musarrat Maisha Reza mark International Women's Day by highlighting the link between the empowerment of women and girls and their ability to access education and health care. Mary Robinson joins a panel debate on climate change and security at the. We work to promote and protect equal rights for women and girls. We support greater openness and dialogue between Iran and the international community, and encourage Iran to play a stabilising role in the wider Middle East. The peoples of both Israel and Palestine want and deserve a just peace. Dr. Reflecting on the daunting challenges ahead, he remains hopeful that a better world can be built with the passion and commitment of the young. The Elders condemn President Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning Syrian refugees and restricting migration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Implemented major land reform programme, reduced poverty and significantly improved health and education Acts 75: 78 Our elders our responsibility essay.