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Examples of covered acts are found in the University's policies on Sexual Misconduct. Glue index: Run a business, inspire others, develop cutting-edge technology. Is an active sentence, but the same sentence written in a passive voice would read The dishes were washed by Mary. One reason writers are advised to avoid using passive voice is that passive sentences tend to be wordier than active sentences. Or if you don t want to announce that Mary ate all the cookies you could simple say All the cookies have been eaten. In short, when used thoughtfully, a passive voice can be a useful tool, but in most cases, switching to an active voice will make your writing clearer, livelier and far more enjoyable to read. As a result, its value has increased by 65%.

In the second example, you have a much better idea about what was actually done to John s house.

You will need to complete 85 upper-division credits, of which 68 credits must be from the major program. The house is cleaned once a week by Sarah. Active voice: The second example uses strong nouns and verbs, and gets the point across much more clearly.
Sticky sentences are full to the brim with glue words (the 755 or so most common words in the English language: Try to replace them with strong, specific nouns and verbs. Your teachers will recognise the effort. The way a sentence is worded determines whether it is active or passive. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness. Ashford University does not discriminate in its education programs and activities on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, marital status, medical condition, genetic information, service in the uniformed services, political activities and affiliations, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws.

It s absolutely worth running your papers through a before you hand them in because a tool can find these five issues, as well as many others. Ashford is proud to have established the first ever online chapter for students. Technology TM is used under license. May be too little or too much for someone else. Your understanding of what is good You should aim to have less than 85% of your sentences beginning with a pronoun. Here is an example: The new law was protested, but it was put into place anyway.

This sentence is in passive voice, which means it is ordered object-verb-subject. It s unclear who did the protesting and who passed the law, which is essential information. Further, Ashford University does not guarantee that any professional organization will accept a graduate's application to sit for any exam for the purpose of professional certification. Your courses include a wide range of topics, from composition and editing to research and analysis. Whether you choose to work in radio, television, online, or some other medium, your fact-finding and reporting skills will be crucial to your success. Active voice: Take the following sentences for instance. Passive voice: Requirements may vary by state. Students seeking licensure or certification in a particular profession are strongly encouraged to carefully research the requirements prior to enrollment. Online journalism. You will create an electronic portfolio of work to showcase your professional journalistic skills. A well written paper shows that you are articulate and can communicate your points more clearly Upon completion of your Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication degree program, you will be able to: Discover the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. Learn the rights and responsibilities of news media professionals in a democracy. * In this program,  8 credits from the major may also satisfy General Education requirements.

To earn your Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication at Ashford, you must complete 675 credits. Consider the following examples: The first example is full of adjectives and adverbs that don t offer much more than a lot of words to read. Questions regarding Title IX may be referred to the Ashford University Title IX Coordinator, Poppy Fitch, at, or 8675 Spectrum Center Blvd. Teresa Taylor Moore explains what you can expect to learn during the degree program and how it will prepare you for a rewarding career in journalism. Turn your career into a search for truth when you earn your Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication degree. , San Diego, CA 97678, 866.979.5755 Ext. In the first example, you don t know if John just replaced one doorknob or completely renovated the whole place. As an MA student, I had a terrible habit of starting nearly every sentence with a pronoun. You will create portfolio pieces throughout your program that may be assembled into an electronic portfolio to showcase your professional journalistic skills. Gender/sex harassment, including gender/sex violence, is a form of prohibited gender/sex discrimination. Union protested the new law, but the council passed it anyway.

In this instance it s clear who did what. The sentence has more specific information and is written more succinctly.
Vague words are subject to interpretation. Find your sticky sentences and re-write them to improve readability.
This used to make my professor crazy. It goes beyond traditional print forms and focuses on content for the digital age, covering digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and tagging. Whether you re taking classes full-time or working and taking classes part-time, you need strong writing skills. Teachers, spend huge chunks of their lives reading and marking papers. Some essays land on their desk in excellent form but, more often than not, they find the same basic writing errors over and over again. Here is an example:

Original: Erica needed to get the key to the car and so she asked for the contact number of the person who was in charge of that department.

Will probably be different from the way others will interpret it. You could say The body had been moved since the last time they saw it. A total of 85 credits must be completed at Ashford University to meet the residency requirement. Forbes School of Business  Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness. Explore the exciting world of journalism as it evolves from the print media to the internet when you earn your Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication degree online from Ashford University. In an active sentence, the subject of the sentence is performing an action, whereas in a passive sentence, the subject is undergoing an action rather than performing it. For instance Mary washed the dishes You may be able to transfer up to 95 approved credits from community colleges, other previous college coursework, or other life experiences such as military service or job training toward your degree. Successful completion of this program by itself does not lead to licensure or certification in any state, regardless of concentration or specialization. My first kiss will be recalled by me as how my romance with Shayna was begun. Sarah cleans the house once a week. Another problem with using passive voice is that it makes the object of the action the subject of the sentence, which can make the sentence difficult to follow. The first sentence wobbles around searching for the point whereas the second sentence is concise and clear. A Memoir of the Craft: Passive voice: The course looks at writing for digital media, writing for the web and writing for social media. It is correct. Boring! Reducing the frequency of glue words increases the clarity of your writing. Stephen King shares the following example of how this can be problematic in his book On Writing: She did that. Further, a criminal record may prevent an applicant from obtaining licensure, certification, or employment in this field of study. With the advancement of electronic media has come increasing demand for responsible journalists - professionals with the skills and knowledge to use new media and to broadcast timely information to the public. It s also cumbersome to read. Start your sentences with a subject (a strong noun) followed by an active verb and an object.

The nurses Vary your sentence structure as much as you can In this video, Program Chair of the BA in Journalism and Mass Communication,  Dr. Look at an example:

John made some improvements on his house and it s now more valuable.

John replaced the roof, repainted the kitchen and laid hardwood floors in his house. Whatever your passion, discover the program to shape your future. Get a clear understanding of your investment and see how much it costs to graduate from Ashford University. Learn how you can balance your to-do list, work, and kids while getting your degree online. Programs currently not available in this state. This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. What one person thinks is enough Specifically, Title IX/SaVE requires the University not to discriminate on the basis of gender/sex in its education programs and activities. Join the for journalism students. This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. 85%)

The redraft saves 67 words in a 77 word sentence. Embrace the power of the written word and discover how your flair for writing could lead to an exciting new career as a journalist, magazine editor or children s author. Australian College of Journalism is part of Open Colleges, Australia s leading provider of online education. The 77758VIC Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing is designed to give you core skills that will allow you to write professionally for a host of potential publications and platforms. I ll never forget it. While it s true that active voice is usually preferable, there are a few instances where using a passive voice can help you get a certain message across more effectively. For example, if you don t want your readers to know who is performing an action, or if the action itself is more important than who performed the action, you might choose to use a passive voice. So rather than saying John had moved the body since the last time they saw it It makes your writing more engaging.
Very few things annoy teachers and professors more than when their students write in the passive voice. Take a look at your potential career options. Journalism and Mass Communication CareersThis group is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty. Is, as, the, that, etc). My romance with Shayna began with our first kiss. He did this. Members get steep discounts on registration fees for the the historically sold-out, state-of-the-art national event offering a premier networking forum and the chance to hear from the leading practitioners and bold-faced names in online news and technology. Members also receive discounts on entry fees for the, the only annual awards competition that acknowledges the best and the brightest work in digital news, identifying and publicly honoring models of excellence for the profession.