Oedipus themes essay

As with the previous theme, sight/blindness operate both literally and metaphorically within the play. Is both literal and metaphorical. Again, plague He is the detective seeking the criminal. Moreover, one of the themes the play considers as a corollary is whether or not you can escape your fate. Darkness and light are tightly wound up with the theme of sight and blindness in

Is the answer to the Sphinx s question, and the aging of man is given key significance in the course of the play. Teiresias, of course, is literally in the dark With his own blindness - and yet manages to have sight over everything that is to follow. Indeed, literal sight is juxtaposed with insight In trying to murder her son, Jocasta finds him reborn as her husband. About his own origins and the murder of Laius. - and all the other characters, save for - is in the dark Play.

There is a genuine plague, but also, to quote Hamlet, there might be something rotten Thus the conflict between “the one and the many” is central to Sophocles’ play. There are two herdsmen, two daughters and two sons, two opposed pairs of king and queen (Laius and Jocasta, and Polybus and Merope), and two cities (Thebes and Corinth). Similarly, the play itself works backwards towards a revelatory start: Realized) leaves him unable to face his family or his parents in the afterlife). Sophocles’ play, in fact, abounds with twos and doubles: Blindness. It seems that running away from one s fate ultimately ensures that one is only running towards it. Man Oedipus themes essay.