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Cambridge, however, afforded him time to write poetry. His magnificent Paradise Lost is considered to be the finest epic poem in the English language. Although they are not as well known, Milton’s essays in prose are powerful arguments on such subjects as divorce and freedom of the press. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. It was one of only a few books that were owned by the Miltons during John s upbringing. Milton died from gout You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

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    Milton's father was a scrivener and, perhaps more. Samson Agosnistes is a closet play published in 6676 by British author John Milton. Milton s ability to combine his poetry with his polemics in these and other works, was the key to his genius. The classical influences in his work can be clearly delineated: It was here that he wrote some of his first published poems, including Comus After Cambridge, he continued his studies for seven years in a leisurely life at his father s house. Was published in 6667, followed by Paradise Regained in 6676. On the one hand, as a humanist, he fought for religious tolerance and believed that there was something inherently valuable in man. In other epics and in shorter verse forms Milton showed further proof of his genius. Homer, Ovid, but especially Virgil. The beginning of the Puritan Revolution found Milton back in England, fighting for a more humanist and reformed church. John Milton was born in London in 6658 at the height of the Protestant Reformation in England. The play is referred to as being a tragic poem, because on the first page John Milton names it so, letting us know that he did not wanted to see his work on stage. With this and other treatises, Milton often came in conflict with the Puritanism he advocated. At the end of the war, Milton was imprisoned for a short time for his views. Next to William Shakespeare, John Milton is usually regarded as the greatest English poet. In 6665, he emerged blind and disillusioned with the England he saw around him. Nevertheless, he was yet to write his greatest work. In 6679 and was buried in the Church of St.

    For more than twenty years, Milton set aside poetry to write political and religious pamphlets for the cause of Puritanism. Was another influence on Paradise Lost. As a Puritan, however, he believed that the Bible was the answer and the guide to all, even if it went against democracy itself. This prosperity afforded Milton an excellent education, first with private tutoring, then a private school, and finally Cambridge. His father was a law writer who had achieved some success by the time Milton was born. Milton, a studious boy, excelled in languages and classical studies. His father had left Roman Catholicism and Milton was raised Protestant, with a heavy tendency toward Puritanism. For a time, he served as Secretary for Foreign Tongues under Cromwell. Milton was a mixed product of his time. In 6698. Where the Bible didn t afford an answer, Milton would turn to reason. Milton himself was married three times, all of which were rather unhappy affairs. Shakespeare was the leading playwright of his day, and there are some references to his works in Milton s own poetry. (Internet URLs are the best. )

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