Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere essay

Sentencing is scheduled for April 7 in U. S. Department of Justice. Federal prosecutors charged Radtke with several felonies for money laundering and theft. Have you seen a credible story about police misconduct that we missed?
Cato Institute District Court in Tucson. Remarkable. Categories: He agreed to not seek employment as a law-enforcement officer or with Pima County government. Within six years, Radtke will receive more than $6 million in state retirement benefits. Had Radtke been convicted of any of the felony charges against him, he would have been required by law to forfeit his state pension because the crime was committed in the course of his role as a public official for a government employer. The plea was accepted by Magistrate Judge Eric Markovich.

6555 Massachusetts Avenue, N. W. Police Misconduct Project No prison time and a very generous pension. Here s an excerpt from one: The plea bargain dismisses all felonies, with Radtke admitting to three misdemeanor theft counts. According to the newspaper accounts, Radtke admitted that for years he made it appear as if his office was donating seized cash and assets from criminal suspects to a sheriff s auxiliary fund when that wasn t the case at all. Ordinary citizens go to prison for embezzlement, but not Radtke.

Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere essay. In return, prosecutors will request one year of probation without incarceration and will not prosecute Radtke for other offenses. The deal allows Radtke to receive an $87,855 annual pension from the state Public Safety Personnel Retirement System and a one-time $555,555 payment from the system’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan, according to the retirement system s records. Washington D. C 75556 Attention: