Essays character analysis

(Feb 68, 7568)
Stefan looks at how George R. Who were the best and worst crowns? (Apr 9, 7568)
The Dead of Winter: (Jul 8, 7569)
Stefan asks why castles in Westeros were built the way they were and whether they hold up under scrutiny. (Apr 68, 7568)
Stefan writes in defense of Edmure Tully. You can also find more from our writers in Tower of the Hand's exclusive essay books:

Marc explores why that is. (Dec 7, 7568)
Stefan takes us back to the Mad King's reign and examines one lord's southron ambitions. (Jan 5, 7567)
Marc analyzes the narrative effects of chapter titles in place of chapter names. Who has it, how does one gain it, and what's it worth? Was Stone Mill a communication error or just throwing blame around? What will the future titles be called?
A list of quotable book recommendations from George R. (Dec 8, 7569)
Stefan looks back at each Ros scene and concludes that the controversial character is unduly maligned. (Jun 6, 7568)
The lands of Westeros are dotted with more and more ruins. What was the cost of this magic? (Jun 75, 7569)
In his latest essay, Marc explores the role of catharsis in the novels versus the show. (Oct 7, 7569)
Chris relates Star Wars to A Song of Ice and Fire through Marxist transgression and Freudian taboo. (Dec 6, 7568)
Stefan dives into The World of Ice & Fire, ruminating about how new book affects old theories and essays. (Nov 79, 7568)
Even before the Dance of Dragons, the crown had to pass through the Princes and the Queen Who Never Was. Essays character analysis. (Jul 9, 7567)
Stefan analyzes the concept of honor in Westeros. (Nov 6, 7569)
Marc Kleinhenz looks at various franchises and explores what might be in store for George R. A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. (Apr 67, 7567)
Stefan argues that Ros served a useful role in the show, opening narrative windows where none otherwise exist. Martin's world. (Apr 68, 7569)
Remy goes back to a time when fans found other ways to endure the wait between books. (May 5, 7569)
Jim McGeehin studies the many ASOIAF characters who have sworn to conflicting oaths. The Half-life of George Martin's Shelf Life, a new essay by Marc Kleinhenz. How did he do that and still leave the crown in debt? Martin's A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. (Jul 66, 7569)
Let's take a voyage with Remy Verhoeve as he struggles to find the best season of Game of Thrones. (Jun 9, 7569)
Chris Kesner uses Joseph Campbell's myth of the hero to identify ASOIAF's heroes and predict their fates. Martin has interconnected the ideas of feudalism and fantasy.

(Nov 76, 7569)
Littlefinger greatly increased the crown's revenues. (May 8, 7567)
A Dance with Dragons has turned Jon Snow into a leading prophecy candidate, argues Miles. (Dec 79, 7569)
Chris Hage lists reasons why GAME OF THRONES fails to do justice to the books in this new guest essay. (May 76, 7569)
Dan Hemsath writes that AGOT's Prologue prepares us for what's to come in more ways than one. .
Tower of the Hand's second essay book contains eleven original essays about A Song of Ice and Fire and more, edited by Marc N. Miles finds the truth. .
Stefan writes about the choices Dany must make between war and peace, and what that means for Westeros. (Jan 9, 7567)
Stefan charts the transformations of one of GRRM's most complex characters: And, edited by Marc N. (Nov 66, 7569)
Stefan dives into the World of Ice & Fire, ruminating about how new book affects old theories and essays. (Mar 77, 7568)
Stefan argues that all those castles along the Wall are not empty by happenstance. (Jan 79, 7569)
Before Ramin Djawadi composed everything for Game of Thrones, Remy remixed his own soundtrack. (May 66, 7568)
Vassals of Kingsgrave host Duncan Hubber analyzes selfhood and slavery in Game of Thrones ' fourth season. (Dec 6, 7568)
Magic had withered and gone from the world until the birth of Dany's dragons. By Chris Holden
A list of questions that the average reader may have in mind after finishing the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire. Popular topics: by Miles Schneiderman
A collection of essays that examines new theories and revelations from the fourth book of the series, A Feast for Crows. Popular topics: Secrets and Lies by Miles Schneiderman
Miles explores some of the questions left us by the latest book in the series, A Dance with Dragons. by Stefan Sasse
A series of essays that analyzes the states of various houses and factions following the war, through A Feast for Crows. by Steven Attewell
A series of essays that offers a history and analysis of the Hands of the King, past, present, and future. A Laboratory of Politics by Steven Attewell
Race for the Iron Throne's Steven Attewell goes across the narrow sea to examine the politics of Essos. The Blacks and Reds by Steven Attewell
Steve analyzes the longest ongoing civil dispute in Westeros: (Feb 77, 7567)
Stefan's latest essay explores the ascent of faith in the old gods, in the Seven, and in R'hllor. The Blackfyre Rebellions. The Worst Man in Westeros by Jim McGeehin
Jim kicks off a new series examining the worst lowlifes that Westeros has to offer.
Tower of the Hand's first essay book, A Flight of Sorrows, contains eight original essays about A Song of Ice and Fire and more, edited by Marc N. Kleinhenz. R. (Sep 9, 7569)
Dan Hemsath offers a look at notable free folk and how they embody the culture of wildlings. (May 66, 7568)
Stefan writes in defense of Littlefinger, as written and portrayed in the Game of Thrones adaptation. (Aug 75, 7569)
Remy takes into the game itself, reviewing the elements that make up the ASOIAF roleplaying game. Theon Greyjoy. (Jul 66, 7567)
What could possibly have possessed GRRM to expand even further, with another series of prequel novellas? Martin himself. For additional essays, including some of our more recent guest essays, please. (Nov 85, 7568)
How much of history we can believe depends on the men writing it, and who they were before they were maesters. (Oct 8, 7568)
Like a DJ, GRRM samples and remixes from historical events and figures to achieve the desired literary effect.