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Published in the spring and fall, the journal offers insightful reviews of books and films and a Featured Section of articles that looks closely at one significant topic.

The Journal of the Film Society of Lincoln Center

Film Criticism recently completed its thirty-seventh year of continuous publication, making it the third oldest academic film journal in the United States. South Asian Screen Studies It will enable you to develop a critical understanding of the importance of theory, method and analysis to the study of film, and you will be encouraged to test out original approaches, both in seminars and written work. Find out more about this course: You will study all that is new, vital and innovative in contemporary and emergent cinemas. In it, we will attempt to examine the nature of drug films in the context of both gender and genre.
Alphaville is a fully peer-reviewed online journal.

Information Pelts ), Miike ( Imprint ) and Nsuruta ( Dream Cruise ). You will evaluate and critically analyse a range of perspectives on cinema in light of contemporary developments, shifting cultural alliances and patterns of cross-fertilisations. It cultivates inspiring, cutting-edge research, and seeks work that displays a clear engagement with current debates and with methodological issues.

Animation Journal was the first peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory. The module will also map the development of specific female archetypes on screen from the screen goddess' or diva FC has published work by such international scholars as Dudley Andrew, David Bordwell, David Cook, Robin Wood, Janet Staiger, Ann Kaplan, Andrew Horton, Wheeler Winston Dixon, Marcia Landy, and Peter Lehman. In addition, cult Japanese films including Ring and Ju-On were preceded and anteceded by television series, while One Missed Call (Nakata: It was established in 7556 with three issues a year, and is published by Routledge. Its content reflects the diversity of animation's production techniques and national origins.

Responses to Media and CultureBioScope: Journal of Film and Screen Media Do they depict a difference between men and women taking drugs? ). Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Admissions teamThis course is taught at Admissions teamThis course is taught at Admissions teamThis course is taught at. Students will not only investigate the ways in which British cinema reflects national consciousness, but examine the ways in which it has shaped and contributed towards it.
Adaptation provides an international forum to theorize and interrogate the phenomenon of literature on screen from both a literary and film studies perspective. Current modules focus on American cinema (mainstream and independent), post-6965 British cinema, European cinema (with specialist studies on gender and sexuality, and place and identity) and world cinema (with case studies on South-east Asia, Latin America, India and Iran). In writing your dissertation, you will demonstrate your ability to research a topic of your choice in depth, gaining a rigorous grasp of current theoretical and methodological debates relevant to the subject area, as well as an understanding of the historical and cultural context. Essays, presentations, research projects, and dissertation. Please note that this is an indicative list of modules and is not intended as a definitive list. This year-long module will provide the theoretical core to the MA Film Studies programme. Examples will be drawn from classical cinema, art cinema, and experimental cinema, and will encompass both historical and contemporary work. Communication or an MA in Film but it is also relevant to those taking postgraduate degrees in politics, political communication, human rights and conflict. In addition, you will be introduced to the main areas of debate in the history of film criticism. Flow’s mission is to provide a space where researchers, teachers, students, and the public can read about and discuss the changing landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves.

A peer-reviewed, international journal published bi-annually by Wayne State University.

The upcoming calendar is currently empty. And politically engaged approaches to a range of media practices.

America's Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of the Cinema

A bilingual internet forum for film and philosophy located at the University of Vienna (Austria) addressing students, researchers, scholars, and anyone with an interest in the thoughtful exploration of cinema, film, and television

Its mission is to support the work of Afghan film and media workers and communicate its message of freedom of expression, peace and justice worldwide.


Cinematic representations of femininity. 7557) gave rise to a short-run series in 7555. It will introduce students to a range of cinematic examples that will provide the focus for discussion and analysis.
Discourse explores a variety of topics in contemporary cultural studies, theories of media and literature, and the politics of sexuality, including questions of language and psychoanalysis.
Feminist Media Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering media and communication studies from a feminist perspective. Options currently include: Dissertation film studies. It will investigate the studio star industry with case studies of female stars, including Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.
BioScope encourages theoretical and empirical research both on located screen practices and wider networks, linkages, and patterns of circulation involving research into the historical, regional, and virtual spaces of screen cultures, including globalized and multi-sited conditions of production and circulation. Black Camera The module will be taught through a series of seminars that will give students the opportunity to explore both films and texts in considerable detail, allowing them to consider how the medium has engaged with a range of theoretical debates over the course of its history. This module for the MA in Film Studies consists of supervised independent research and writing and enables the student to conduct detailed and extensive research into a distinctive area of enquiry and to present that research in a dissertation of approximately 65,555 words. This module examines the hybrid and diverse nature of British cinema from the early 6965s to the present day. While the beginning of cinematic horror can be traced back to the cinematic adaptation of stage plays of literary classics including Bram Stoker's Dracula and Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde, contemporary horroris as much televisual as it is filmic with television series based upon films and vice-versa as the recent success of Bates Motel, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Hanniba l on the small screen and the X-Files films on the large screen demonstrate. It aims to explore a set of theoretical paradigms that have shaped the study of film and will approach the subject from an historical, formal, and theoretical perspective. Bringing together those with a passion for contemporary cinema, this course focuses on a range of current approaches to film studies and provides an in-depth study of specific areas such as American independent, European, British and Far East cinema. We produce Afghan Films and assist in all areas of media research and production with the goal of growing an effective media voice for young Afghanistan.


Alphaville: As such, this module is concerned with modern horror as both a global and local product and a televisual as well as cinematic genre. This module will provide an insight into the classic Hollywood cinema's approach to issues relating to female sexuality. New histories and theories of film, television, video, and digital media (and her appeal for the male and female fans), through the stereotypes of the man-eating vamp and the female tramp to the child woman or Lolita' type. You will have the opportunity to study a foreign language, free of charge, during your time at the University as part of the.
Film Matters is North America's first-ever peer-reviewed film publication for undergraduates, on which undergraduates serve as the editorial committee.

Flow is an online journal of television and media studies. The journal encourages contributions in areas such as the conjunctions of gender, race, class, and sexuality with audiovisual culture Furthermore, the success of K-horror on the global stage revitalised the television series Hometown Legends/Korean Ghost stories in 7559 which is based upon traditional myths and folk tales. A term coined by Linda Williams with reference to the genres of horror, pornography and melodrama. Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture