Cloning extinct animals essay

__________ large offspring syndrome ____________68. Explain how the nucleus is removed from the donor egg: ___ adult female sheep _________________5. To make Dolly the clone, they first isolated a cell from where? The resulting embryo is implanted into the female's uterus to develop
____ YES _____A sheep embryo, composed of 66 cells, is removed from the mother's uterus and separated into indivudal cells. What is a telomere?

_____ artificial is done in lab ____________8. They transferred the nucleus of this cell to where? Each of these eggs is fertilized and implanted into a surrogate mother. Define Cloning: Learn. Genetics at
Under the Genetic Technology Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another7. Menu, Click on Cloning Browse the articles at the site to find the answers to the following questions. 6. Briefly describe in your own words, why CC the cat was not identical in color to Rainbow, even though she was a clone? 69. Sheep and DNA image from Explain why Frank #7 might have a different personality than Frank #6. 65. What color with the cloned mouse be? ____ egg cell _________6. Body's building blocks, responsible for developing, maintaining and repairing the body 67. What are two reasons a person might want to clone a human? __ infertility, replace a deceased child_ ____________________68. Write a brief essay on your thoughts and opinions. Image Credit:

_______ somatic cell nuclear transfer _______________9. List the four main reasons given on the page for justifyig cloning: _____ medical purposes ___________________
______ reviving an endangered or extinct species _________
_______ reproducing a deceased pet _______________
_________ cloning humans __________________66. What is one reason why cloning animals has such a high failure rate? 67. __ mini-mimi _________65. ___ brown ____ What is the name of this mouse? What is SCNT? What is a stem cell? ____ DNA sequences at both ends of a chromosome ______69.
____ NO ___ In vitro fertilization
____ YES _____ Cell nuclei from an extinct wolly mammoth are placed into enucleated cow cells. 66. Place the following steps in the correct order. __ _5 ____Stimulate cell division
___ 6 ____Deliver baby
__ 7 ____ Remove and discard the nucleus from the egg cell
__ 6 __ Isolate donor cells from egg donor and germ cell donor
__ 8 ______ Transfer the somatic cell nucleus into the egg cell
___ 9 ____ Implant embryo into a surrogate mother8. For each of the following scenarios, indicate YES (it is cloning) or NO (it is not cloning)_____ NO ____Sperm taken from a mole goat is combined with a female's egg in a petri dish. What is the difference between natural twinning and artificial twinning? List all the materials needed to clone a mouse. 7. Pick one of the questions to ponder and. ponder it. What is LOS? Cloning extinct animals essay.