Cell phones brain cancer essay

But almost everyone uses cell phones. Is cancer caused by cell phones a serious concern, or the media's panic-du-jour? A cell phone, and a household cordless phone, use a low level form of microwave radiation to send and receive their signals. As the radiation penetrates tissue it causes it to heat. Is this a problem for us with cell phones? That is the current debate. As always, EHSO will provide citations and links to the sources of any evidence provided, so you can verify it for yourself. All over the world, tens of millions of people are pressing them against their heads for hours every day.

Cell phones and cancer are in the news all the time now it seems. (see here. ) Microwaves, as you know, are used to cook food.

Worldwide, the number of cell phone users is estimated to be approximately 5 billion in 7566 and that number has continued to climb. So what's the fuss? Let's examine the positions and the known evidence, without hype or prejudice. Cell phones brain cancer essay.