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Their work was central to refining our strategic plan, resulting in significant financial performance improvements for us. LRC is one of the most professional organizations we have worked with. No matter what language you speak. to convincingly articulate it to consumers.
- By Robert Passikoff, Ph. D. Position your brand for success with custom predictive solutions to help you develop, position, and grow your brand. Plan, test, measure and optimize your brand s strategies for current and future marketing investments. Optimize existing research efforts and predict customer values 67 to 68 months ahead of traditional marketing measures. Make informed investments. But for too many brands, the emotional view is out of focus. Only brands that can adjust their lens to consumer point of view will, in the end, see straight. But it s not impossible. The breadth of our research spans across industries from fashion and digital platforms to sports and retailers. At Brand Keys, we specialize in customer loyalty and engagement research, providing brand equity metrics that accurately predict future, in-market consumer behavior that correlates with sales and profitability.

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  • If you know what really matters to consumers, nothing else matters. If you don’t know what matters to consumers, nothing else matters. Brand loyalty papers research. They conducted the work on schedule. The final report was comprehensive and their presentation to our Board was extremely professional. The results of the survey helped us prioritize our strategic initiatives for the coming year. Validating customer asset value is as important as analyzing financial performance when evaluating potential investments.
  • Clear vision in strategic and brand planning is critical.
  • About Brand Keys is a brand research consultancy specializing in predictive brand equity, consumer loyalty and engagement metrics.

    Our measurement methodology correlates very highly with sales and profitability, making it an accurate means of predicting sales and future in-market behavior. New York, NY Dublin Dubai London Madrid Sydney Tokyo

  • It is a capital mistake to make empirical generalizations before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Loyalty Research Center has been an outstanding partner in conducting customer due diligence and tracking strategic metrics. Indianapolis, IN 96795 Identify platform-specific messaging and media placements that drive the most sales across each digital channel. Calculate your brand’s return on brand equity (ROE) as a parallel measure to your company’s P/E ratio. Get leading insights with Brand Keys’ syndicated studies.
  • Loyalty always translates into profitability It’s just hard. President and Founder, Brand Keys, Inc.