Bmw marketing strategy research paper

That s why, it is truly known as the Ultimate driving Machine. BMW has been able to live on to its brand s promise due to three major factors: It is this strong feeling associated with driving a BMW that car lovers find it extremely difficult to switch to a different brand after driving a BMW machine. Brands like Mercedes have been associated with luxury, quality and precision engineering. It is a treat for the eyes and hears to see a BMW running away in front of you, displaying its full performance capabilities and superior engineering quality. No one can better explain the feeling behind the wheels of a BMW car than a motor enthusiast. When you are driving an invigorating, sculpted machine such as the BMW, all five senses confirm one belief †It s high quality and products with superior engineering quality and performance has overshadowed other manufacturers in its category. BMW has never compromised on its product quality and engineering superiority and has delivered the promise that people have expected from this brand: You are ALIVE!

BMW has always designed and built cars with much greater responsiveness to a driver’s actions, providing a better sense of the road beneath and offering greatly enhanced control. It has been beating the drum for the last many years that BMW offers customers the ultimate driving machine. BMW’s tighter feel and enhanced responsiveness gave drivers the sense they were in complete control, something no other brand of automobile offered. The sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste all stand out when you are behind the wheel of the class-leading BMW s. Smashing your brand requires For the car lovers all over the world, there cannot be a prettier sight than a BMW speeding away in front of them on a clear highway. This handling advantage was greatly appreciated by sports car aficionados and car enthusiasts. BMW s brand incorporates the five senses perfectly. Consistency, patience and a simple, upbeat message.

BMW is a powerful brand that is truly experienced by car lovers all over the world as a symbol of performance, power and luxury, all combined into its power packed machines that are treat to watch, drive and possess. The roaring sound of a BMW engine is a music to the ears of performance car lovers and sports car enthusiasts. BMW is very, very consistent in providing the product line that echoes what the brand is all about. As soon as you push your feet against the throttle, the strong horsepower behind the power packed BMW machines take you into a different world altogether. BMW has gone a step ahead and established itself as a brand associated with luxury, quality and precision engineering, all packed into a power packed vehicle full of performance. The whole feeling of owning a BMW gives a sense of thrill, excitement and enthusiasm to the buyer. For the purpose of this assignment, I will choose BMW, the luxury automobile maker that has established a mark for itself in the luxury car segment with its high performance cars. Power, Performance and Luxury. BMW s business strategy has been perfectly aligned to its overall brand strategy, and that s what makes them so successful. Bmw marketing strategy research paper.